The Bell and Siren Club 
Serving Firefighters in Essex County since 1949
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The Bell and Siren Club to attend the 

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend

The Bell and Siren Club, once again will be one of the 6 International Fire Buff Associates (IFBA) Clubs that were selected to participate in the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend in Emmitsburg, Maryland on October 8-9, 2016. 6 members will travel to Emmitsburg to serve the attendees at the Annual Memorial Service on October 9 on the grounds of the National Fire Academy. The club is very proud to be selected to assist at this solemn service.

To see Pictures of last years event CLICK HERE

Ira Cohen receives the
2014 Henry N Wilwers Fire Buff of the Year Award

Ira Cohen, the Secretary of the Bell and Siren Club received the Henry N. Wilwers International Fire Buff of the year award at the Annual International Fire Buff Associates Convention in Dallas Texas on September 6, 2014. Ira, a 50 year member of the Bell and Siren Club was honored for his dedication to the Bell and Siren Club, the International Fire Buff Associates, and the 200 Club of Essex County.

Ira is the fifth member of the Bell and Siren Club to receive this prestigious award since its inception in 1967. Other recipients from the Bell and Siren Club are: Doctor Arthur Devlin (1975), Edward Massman (1980), Grant Miller (1984) and George Ottley (1996).

The Bell and Siren Club congratulates Ira on this achievement.